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Packed Biscuits

Bourbon Biscuits
Bourbon BiscuitsBourbon Biscuits12 x Packs£7.49
Cheese Cheddars
Cheese CheddarsCheese Cheddars12 x 150g Packs£14.75
Custard Creams
Custard CreamsCustard Creams 12 x Packs£7.49
Digestives Milk Chocolate Rolls
Digestives Milk Chocolate RollsDigestives Milk Chocolate Rolls24 x 200g Rolls£30.45
Digestives Original
Digestives OriginalDigestives Original24 x 250g Packs£24.50
Digestives Plain Chocolate Rolls
Digestives Plain Chocolate RollsDigestives Plain Chocolate Rolls24 x 200g Rolls£30.45
Flap Jacks Mixed Box
Flap Jacks Mixed BoxFlap Jack Mixed Box x 305 FREE FLAPJACKS IN EVERY CASE£11.99
Fruit Shortcake
Fruit ShortcakeFruit Shortcake12 x 200g Packs£15.10
Fruit Shortcake Biscuits £1.29
Fruit Shortcake Biscuits £1.2912 Roll Packs Priced £1£11.49
Ginger Nuts
Ginger NutsGinger Nuts12 x 300g Packs£14.05
Ginger Nuts £1.29
Ginger Nuts £1.2912 Roll Packs Priced £1£11.49
Hill Mini Pack Biscuits
Hill Mini Pack Biscuits100 Packs£12.99
Hit Choco Priced £1
Hit Choco Priced £1Bahlsen Hit Choco x 12 Priced £1£9.95
Hob Nobs £1.29
Hob Nobs £1.2912 Roll Packs Priced £1£11.49
Hob Nobs Original
Hob Nobs OriginalHob Nobs Original12 x 300g Packs£15.65
Jam Rings
Jam RingsJam Rings 12 x Packs£7.49
KnoppersMilk & Hazelnut Wafer Bar 25g x 24£6.99
Maryland Cookies
Maryland Cookies40g Bags X 48£15.99
Maryland Cookies Hazelnut PM 99p
Maryland Cookies Hazelnut PM 99pMaryland Cookies Hazelnut20 x 150g Packs£12.99 £7.99
Maryland Cookies Traditional PM 99p
Maryland Cookies Traditional PM 99pMaryland Cookies Traditional20 x 150g Packs£12.99 £7.99
Maryland Double Chocolate Cookies PM 99p
Maryland Double Chocolate Cookies PM 99pMaryland Double Chocolate Cookies x 20£12.99 £7.99
McVites Digestives £1.29
McVites Digestives £1.2912 Roll Packs Priced £1£11.49
McVites Milk Chocolate Cookies
McVites Milk Chocolate Cookies150g x 12 Priced £1£9.99
McVites Rich Tea £1.29
McVites Rich Tea £1.2912 Roll Packs Priced £1£11.49
McVites White Chocolate Cookies
McVites White Chocolate Cookies150g x 12 Priced £1£9.99
Morning Coffee
Morning CoffeeMorning Coffee12 x Packs£7.49
NiceNice 12 x Packs£7.49
Pink Wafers
Pink WafersPink Wafers12 x Packs£9.49
Rich Tea
Rich TeaRich Tea24 x 200g Packs£24.65
ShortbreadShortbread12 x 200g Packs£15.70
Shortcake Biscuits
Shortcake BiscuitsShortcake Biscuits 12 x Packs£7.49
TUC Cheese Cracker Rolls
TUC Cheese Cracker RollsTUC Cheese Cracker Rolls12 x 150g Packs£14.75
TUC Cheese Roll Pack
TUC Cheese Roll PackTUC Cheese Roll Pack12 x 150g Packs£14.75

Contact Us

Lansdells Soft Drinks Ltd
Lane House, John Wilson Business Park, 
Thanet Way, 

About Us

A family based wholesale company, supplying soft drinks and a varied range of beers, wine and confectionery. We are agents for Shepherd Neame and Coca Cola, and can deliver to the East side of Kent on a weekly basis, free of charge!
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