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Cereal Bars

Coco Pops
Coco PopsCoco Pops/Rice Krispie Bar24 x Bars£9.95
FrostiesFrosties24 x Bars£9.95
Nature Valley Canadian Maple Syrup
Nature Valley Canadian Maple SyrupNature Valley Canadian Maple Syrup x 18 42g Bars£7.99
Nature Valley Ginger Crunch
Nature Valley Ginger CrunchNature Valley Apple Crunch x 18 42g Bars£7.99
Nature Valley Oats & Chocolate Bar
Nature Valley Oats & Chocolate BarNature Valley Oats & Chocolate x 18 Bars£7.99
Nature Valley Oats & Honey
Nature Valley Oats & HoneyNature Valley Oats & Honey x 18 42g Bars£7.99
Nutri Grain Apple
Nutri Grain AppleNutri Grain Apple30 x Bars£12.99
Nutri Grain Blueberry
Nutri Grain BlueberryNutri Grain Blueberry30 x Bars£12.99
Nutri Grain Elevens Chocolate
Nutri Grain Elevens ChocolateNutri Grain Elevens Chocolate24 x Bars£12.99
Nutri Grain Elevens Raisin
Nutri Grain Elevens RaisinNutri Grain Elevens Raisin24 x Bars£12.99
Nutri Grain Strawberry
Nutri Grain StrawberryNutri Grain Strawberry30 x Bars£12.99
Rice Krispie Bar
Rice Krispie BarKelloggs Rice Krispie Cereal Bar x 24£9.95
Rice Krispie Square Caramel
Rice Krispie Square CaramelRice Krispie Square Caramel30 x Bars£13.25
Rice Krispie Square Marshmallow
Rice Krispie Square MarshmallowRice Krispie Square Marshmallow30 x Bars£13.25
Rice Krispie Square Totally Choc
Rice Krispie Square Totally ChocRice Krispie Square Totally Choc30 x Bars£13.25
Tracker Chocolate Chip
Tracker Chocolate ChipTracker Chocolate Chip24 x Bars£9.25
Tracker Peanut & Caramel
Tracker Peanut & CaramelTracker Roasted Nut24 x Bars£9.25

Contact Us

Lansdells Soft Drinks Ltd
Lane House, John Wilson Business Park, 
Thanet Way, 

About Us

A family based wholesale company, supplying soft drinks and a varied range of beers, wine and confectionery. We are agents for Shepherd Neame and Coca Cola, and can deliver to the East side of Kent on a weekly basis, free of charge!
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